OFFTIME Premium – Digital disconnection 4.1.4

Free Download OFFTIME – Digital disconnection 4 Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It will block apps for a limited time to boost your productivity.

Overview of OFFTIME 4 Premium APK for Android

This app has as its main mission that your phone or electronic device does not take control of your life, but is another tool. You can block apps to prevent them from distracting you.

It will not take control of your phone, but we will allow you to disconnect while taking your time and we will encourage you to prevent other apps or calls and emails from distracting you at the moment.

Features of the App

  • Schedule more than one OFFTIME moment at a time
  • You can create different blocking profiles to block calls from contacts in your phonebook you want while you are in it
  • Daily usage limit, Set how much time can you spend on specific and customizable app groups
  • Time to disconnect, Schedule your application blocking time and calls in advance
  • Extended OFFTIME programming, allowing to define specific dates
  • OFFTIME events
  • Statistics of your events
  • Backup


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