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Free download NES.emu 1.5.79 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Classic NES games revived on Android.


Free Download NES.emu Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad Free Pro APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Rediscover the nostalgia of classic NES games on your Android device with this app. This advanced emulator brings the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) experience to modern devices. 

Overview of NES.emu Pro APK for Android

This open-source NES emulator app allows users to play NES games on their Android devices. Built on the foundation of FCEUX, this emulator offers a minimalist user interface and prioritizes low audio/video latency, making it ideal for a wide range of devices, from older models to modern smartphones and gaming consoles.

Features of the app

File Format Support

The emulator supports .nes and .unf file formats for NES game ROMs. Additionally, it offers the option to compress files using ZIP, RAR, or 7Z formats.

Famicom Disk System

This app enables the emulation of the Famicom Disk System using .fds files. Users can select the appropriate BIOS option within the settings.

VS UniSystem Support

The emulator supports VS UniSystem games, allowing users to insert coins by pressing the Start button.

Cheat File Compatibility

The app is compatible with FCEU-compatible cheat files (.cht extension), which can be edited to enhance the gaming experience.

Zapper/Gun Support

For games that utilize the NES Zapper light gun accessory, it offers touchscreen functionality to simulate firing, enhancing gameplay.

Configurable Controls

The emulator provides configurable on-screen controls, enabling users to customize the placement and layout of buttons for a comfortable gaming experience.

Bluetooth/USB Gamepad Support

The app supports Bluetooth, USB gamepad, and keyboard inputs, making it compatible with many HID devices, including Xbox and PS4 controllers.

System Requirements

  •  Android 2.3 plus


This emulator brings the magic of classic NES games to your Android device, offering a seamless experience with its low latency and comprehensive feature set. Whether you're reliving childhood memories or discovering iconic NES titles for the first time, this emulator provides a gateway to retro gaming.


Q: Are game ROMs included with the emulator?
A: This emulator includes no game ROMs. Users must provide their game ROMs.

Q: Can I customize the on-screen controls?
A: The emulator allows users to configure and customize on-screen controls according to their preferences.

Q: Are cheat files included with the emulator?
A: Users need to provide their cheat files. The emulator supports FCEU-compatible cheat files with the .cht extension.

Q: Is multiplayer gaming supported?
A: While the emulator primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, the emulator's features might support some games with multiplayer options.

Q: Can I play games from other systems on this emulator?
A: This app is specifically designed for NES games and may not support games from other systems.

Q: How do I load game ROMs into the emulator?
A: The emulator supports Android's storage access framework, allowing users to open ROM files from internal and external storage sources.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:NES.emu v1.5.78
File Name:NES.emu v1.5.74


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