Free Download MX Player Unlocked MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

Overview of MX Player Unlocked APK for Android

MX Player is more than just a video player; it's a feature-packed entertainment hub that caters to your every viewing preference. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, MX Player is the go-to app for anyone seeking exceptional video playback quality and customization options.

Features of MX Player

Hardware Acceleration for Unparalleled Performance

One of MX Player's standout features is its hardware acceleration capabilities. Thanks to the cutting-edge HW+ decoder, you can now enjoy smoother and more enhanced video playback on a broader range of videos. Whether streaming your favorite shows or watching locally stored videos, MX Player's hardware acceleration ensures a seamless viewing experience.

Multi-Core Decoding for Optimal Efficiency

MX Player takes advantage of multi-core devices like never before. MX Player is the pioneer in Android video players to support multi-core decoding. The test results are impressive – multi-core devices can experience performance boosts of up to 70% compared to single-core devices. Say goodbye to laggy playback and hello to smoother video enjoyment.

Intuitive Zoom and Pan Controls

With MX Player's intuitive pinch-to-zoom, zoom, and pan controls, getting up close and personal with your videos is a breeze. Pinch or swipe across the screen to zoom in and out or explore different angles within your video. Whether watching action-packed movies or detailed tutorials, MX Player allows you to explore every detail.

Subtitle Gestures for Enhanced Accessibility

MX Player goes above and beyond to ensure you have complete control over your subtitle experience. With innovative subtitle gestures, you can scroll forward or backward to navigate through text, move text up and down, and even zoom in or out to adjust the text size. This level of customization ensures that subtitles are perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Kid-Friendly with the Kids Lock Feature

With the MX Player's Kids Lock feature, parental concerns about handing devices to kids are a thing of the past. Worried about accidental calls or app access? Activate Kids Lock and let your kids enjoy their favorite videos without any unwanted disruptions.


MX Player redefines video playback on Android devices by offering powerful hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, intuitive zoom and pan controls, advanced subtitle gestures, and a kid-friendly feature that puts parents at ease. Say goodbye to lackluster video experiences and hello to the future of video enjoyment.


Q: Can I use MX Player to play videos from streaming services?
A: It supports streaming services that allow external video players. You can enjoy enhanced video quality using MX Player for compatible streaming platforms.

Q: How can I customize the subtitle appearance on this app?
A: It offers various subtitle customization options, including changing text size, color, and background. Go to the settings and explore the subtitle customization menu.

Q: Does it support all video formats?
A: It supports various video formats, but compatibility can vary based on device specifications. The app offers excellent support for most common video formats.

Q: Can I use it to cast videos on other devices?
A: It supports casting to compatible devices like smart TVs and Chromecasts. Look for the casting option within the app to initiate the process.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:MX Player v1.81.0
File Name:MX Player v1.80.3
File Name:MX Player v1.79.1
File Name:MX Player v1.78.2
File Name:MX Player v1.72.2


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