File Manager – Local and Cloud File Explorer v6.0.2

Free download File Manager - Local and Cloud File Explorer 5 Premium, Smart File Manager (File Explorer) Pro is the simplest, Powerful, Small, Free, and perfect App to manage files like Images, movies, documents, Music, apps in your mobile.

Overview of File Manager Premium v6

Smart File Manager (File Explorer) Pro is the simplest, Powerful, Small, Free, and perfect App to manage files like Images, movies, documents, Music, apps on your mobile.

This App is a full-featured (Desktop-grade) file manager for both the network and local use in your pocket. This File Explorer app presents you more intuitive World Class User Interface and better file management with a very efficient transfer experience.

Features of the App

  • File Manager: Manage your important files with file browser, search, Copy, Cut, Paste, Compress, Rename, Move, Delete, Transfer, Hide, Create shortcut, Download, Bookmark, Organise and many such similar actions with best file storage manager.
  • Integral image viewer and video player: Browse media in gallery and click to check images and documents in the app itself. Play music as well Videos inside without leaving the app to remove distraction.
  • ZIP and RAR extract and compress support: ZIP files can be compressed and then decompressed with password easily with this app. RAR files can be extract as well.
  • Root Explorer: Powerful root explorer tool for root users. allows access to the entire file system and all data directories.
  • Quick Access: View complete storage details on Home screen with quick access tiles.
  • Easy Search: Find on-device files quickly with local search options.

Remote file:

  • Cloud storage manager: The App supports multiple cloud storage as Google Drive, Onedrive(skydrive), Yandex, Sugarsync, Dropbox, Box, OwnCloud, WebDAV, Mediafire and some more cloud platforms as well.
  • Remote file manager (FTP Server): Enable this function and manage your files of mobile from Your PC.
  • Access your home Pc Files(SMB): You can even manage your files of PC directly from your Smartphone as well.
  • Access local network locations: You can access Windows/Samba(SMB) based local network locations, Remote access and FTP/ FTPS servers.

Get something more:

  • App manager: You can open, backup, create shortcut and uninstall your app’s.
  • SD Card analyser: You can manage all your files in SD Card.
  • View image, audio and video in gallery: Categorise different files seperately like Music, Image, Video and all. You can even browse and access your file categorywise.
  • Identify important: Bookmark your important files and folders to access quickly.
  • Recycle bin: Delete and store your files again(Coming soon).
  • See everything: You can have the access to the hidden files too.
  • This app supports multiple languages: Arabic, Czech, English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese and many more, Also you can change language from settings.

Some quick features:

  • Android File Explorer - It is made to make your work easy with organised file accessibility.
  • Storage Analyser App - Keeps your storage functioning smart by analysing regularly.
  • Storage Manager App - Manage your storage like a pro.
  • Android Root Explorer App - Root explorer completes the app as to be called as smart file explorer.
  • Android File Manager app - A application that will manage your files efficiently and effectively.
  • My Files manager App - Personalise file manager works as your own File manager.
  • Android File Download Manager - It can manage all your downloaded files.
  • File Transfer App- File transfer without any data loss is an important feature that the app holds.
  • Access, manage and share your local and pc files with easy way
  • All in one cloud storage manager and cloud file explorer (Include almost all popular cloud storage)

Previous version

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File Name:File Manager v6.0.1 Premium


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