Free Download Learn English – 15,000 Words 6 Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, Learn English from 61 native languages free & offline.

Overview of Learn English – 15,000 Words 6 APK for Android

Learn English from 61 native languages, for free & offline, with this app. Learn to read, write and speak English. Discover the fun & easy way to learn all the reading rules, all the words you’ll ever need and all the useful phrases in the English languag

Features of the app

  • Hand-drawn illustrations – memorize the new vocabulary faster with intuitive illustrations
  • Professional audio recordings – listen to audios recorded by native speakers
  • Detailed statistics – analyze your results and track your progress
  • Review manager – review everything you learn
  • Smart search – find quickly the words and phrases you need
  • Hide what you know – hide what you already know
  • Speech recognition – improve your pronunciation
  • Offline – use the app anywhere in the world, with no internet connection