System app remover (root needed) 7.2

Free Download Jumobile System app remover (root needed) 7 Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It is used to remove all unnecessary app from your device.

Overview of System app remover 7 Pro APK for Android

We provide not only system app remover, but also user app uninstaller, move app to sdcard, move app to phone, apk on sdcard scan/install/delete.

Features of the App

  • Safe
  • Clear, we classify all system app as [Could remove], [Should keep], [Key module], so you can choose what app to uninstall clearly
  • Easy
  • Small
  • Move app to SD card
  • Scan all APKs
  • Batch rename APK's filename
  • Batch Move APKs to directory
  • Search and delete all duplicate APKs in one click
  • Show app details
  • Uninstall multi-app in one click
  • Backup & restore apps
  • User can custom [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path] to show in list


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