InstaSize Photo Editor+Resizer 4.3.1


Free Download InstaSize Photo Editor+Resizer Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This app provides a step-by-step guide on making the most of this versatile app to enhance your photo editing and resizing experience. This app provides easy editing and resizing of photos or videos with premium photo filters, presets, and color editing tools.

Overview of InstaSize Photo Editor+Resizer Premium APK for Android

This app is more than just a photo editing app; it's your creative toolbox for turning ordinary photos into extraordinary visual masterpieces. Whether you're an aspiring photographer, a social media influencer, or simply someone who wants to add a professional touch to your images, InstaSize is your go-to app. Let's explore the rich tapestry of features that InstaSize has to offer.

Features of the App

Photo Editing Made Easy

InstaSize simplifies photo editing with its user-friendly interface and powerful tools. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more with ease. Apply filters and effects to give your photos that extra flair. Whether enhancing a candid shot or fine-tuning a professional image, InstaSize makes it a breeze.

Resizing and Cropping

Resizing and cropping photos to fit various dimensions and aspect ratios is crucial for anyone who wants to make their images look their best on different platforms. InstaSize provides precise resizing options, ensuring your photos are picture-perfect for social media, presentations, or printing.

Collage Maker

Creating photo collages has never been easier. InstaSize's collage maker combines multiple photos into one visually stunning composition. Perfect for sharing a series of related images or telling a visual story with a single post.

Text and Stickers

Add a personal touch to your photos with text and stickers. Whether you want to add captions, quotes, or humorous commentary, InstaSize provides a variety of fonts and stickers to choose from. Customize your images to convey your message or style.

Beauty Tools

For those perfect selfies, InstaSize offers beauty tools to enhance your portraits. Smooth out skin imperfections, whiten teeth, and even change eye color to achieve that flawless look. Look your best and boost your confidence in every selfie.

Templates for Social Media

InstaSize understands the importance of presentation on social media. It provides optimized templates for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ensure your photos look their best when shared with your followers and friends.

System Requirements

  • Android 4.4 +

How to Use this app

Step 1: Download and Install

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device. In the search bar, type the app name and tap the Install button.
Wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2: Launch the App

Once the installation is finished, tap the Open button to launch InstaSize.

Step 3: Explore Editing Tools

Upon opening InstaSize, you'll be presented with various editing tools. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You'll find options to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, apply filters, and more.

Step 4: Open a Photo

To edit a photo, tap the Open or Import button and select a photo from your device's gallery. You can also take a new photo directly from the app.

Step 5: Edit Your Photo

Once your photo is loaded, use the editing tools to enhance it. Experiment with different adjustments and filters to achieve your desired look.

Step 6: Save or Share Your Edited Photo

After editing, tap the Save or Share button to save the edited photo to your device or share it directly on your preferred social media platform.

Step 7: Resize or Crop

To resize or crop a photo, tap the Resize or Crop option and follow the on-screen instructions. You can select predefined dimensions or customize the size according to your needs.

Step 8: Create a Collage

For creating a photo collage, select the "Collage" option and choose the photos you want to include. Customize the layout, add borders, and adjust spacing as desired.

Step 9: Add Text and Stickers

Select add text or stickers and choose from the available fonts and sticker packs. Customize the text size, color, and position.

Step 10: Use Beauty Tools

If you edit a portrait, use beauty tools to enhance the subject's appearance. Smooth out skin imperfections, whiten teeth, and more.

Step 11: Save and Share Your Creation

Once satisfied with your edits, tap Save or Share to save or share your masterpiece.


This app is your creative companion for turning ordinary photos into captivating visual stories. Its intuitive interface, versatile editing tools, collage maker, text and sticker options, beauty tools, and social media templates make it the ultimate app for taking your photo editing and resizing skills to new heights.


Q: Can I use InstaSize on my tablet and smartphone?
A: This app is designed for smartphones and tablets, providing a seamless editing experience on any device.

Q: Are there tutorials or guides available to help me get started with InstaSize?
A: It offers tutorials and guides within the app to help you make the most of its features.

Q: Can I access my edited photos from InstaSize on other devices or platforms?
A: You can save your edited photos to your device's gallery, making it easy to access and share them on other devices or platforms.

Q: Does InstaSize require an internet connection for editing and resizing photos?
A: You can edit and resize photos with InstaSize without an internet connection. It's a handy tool for on-the-go editing.

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