Indistract Minimalist Launcher 1.17

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Free download Indistract Minimalist Launcher 1.17 Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. MOD APK (Premium Unlocked).

Free Download Indistract Minimalist Launcher Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This powerful app is designed to simplify your smartphone usage and help you concentrate on what matters most.

Overview of Indistract Minimalist Launcher Premium APK for Android

This app is not just another launcher app; it's a powerful tool designed to simplify your smartphone usage and help you concentrate on what matters most. This innovative launcher provides a clutter-free interface that minimizes distractions and lets you focus on essential tasks.

Features of the App

Minimalistic Home Screen

The Indistract launcher replaces your default home screen with a clean, minimalist interface. It removes unnecessary widgets, icons, and distractions, leaving only essential information.

App Organization

Customize your app organization with folders and categories to streamline access to your favorite apps. Easily create app groups and access them with a single tap.

Focus Mode

Activate Focus Mode to block distracting apps and notifications temporarily. This feature helps you concentrate on your work or important tasks without interruptions.

Customization Options

Personalize the launcher with various themes, wallpapers, and icon packs. Make your smartphone truly yours by tailoring its appearance to your preferences.

Smart Search

The launcher offers a smart search function, allowing you to find apps and contacts quickly. Type in the app's name or contact, and it will appear instantly.

Gesture Controls

It supports gesture controls, making navigation smoother and more intuitive. Define your gestures to access specific apps or functions.

How to Use the app

Step 1: Download and Install

Head to the Google Play Store on your Android device. Search for it and select the official app. Click Install to download and install the app on your device.

Step 2: Set as Default Launcher

Once installed, open the launcher app. You'll be prompted to set it as your default launcher. Confirm this action.

Step 3: Minimalistic Home Screen

Upon setting it as the default launcher, you'll notice an immediate transformation of your home screen. Icons and widgets are streamlined, creating a clean and minimalistic environment.

Step 4: App Organization

To create app folders, long-press on an app icon and drag it over another app icon. Release to create a folder. Name the folder and add relevant apps to it. Access your app categories with a swipe from your home screen to the right.

Step 5: Focus Mode

Activate Focus Mode by tapping on the launcher's settings icon. Navigate to the Focus Mode section. Customize which apps and notifications you want to block during Focus Mode. Turn on Focus Mode when you need to concentrate, which will help reduce distractions.

Step 6; Customization Options

Personalize your launcher's appearance by accessing the launcher's settings. Choose from various themes, wallpapers, and icon packs to suit your preferences. Experiment with different combinations until you find the one that resonates with you.

Step 7: Smart Search

To quickly find apps or contacts, swipe on your home screen to access the search bar. Type in the app name or contact you're looking for, and it will appear instantly. Tap on the search result to open the app or contact.

Step 8: Gesture Controls

Gesture controls enhance your navigation experience. Open the launcher's settings and navigate to the Gesture Controls section to set up gestures. Define your preferred gestures for actions such as opening apps, accessing settings, or launching specific functions.

Step 9: Exit Focus Mode

To exit Focus Mode, tap the launcher's settings icon and toggle off the Focus Mode option. Your phone will return to its normal state, with all apps and notifications accessible.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Streamlined Smartphone Experience

With this app in place, you can now enjoy a simplified and focused smartphone experience. Access your essential apps quickly, stay organized, and easily reduce distractions.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0 +


Finding focus can be challenging in a world of constant notifications and distractions. This app provides a simple yet powerful solution. By offering a minimalist home screen, app organization, focus mode, customization options, smart search, and gesture controls, this launcher empowers you to take control of your smartphone experience and concentrate on what truly matters.


Q: Can I use the launcher with my existing apps?
A: The launcher is compatible with all your existing apps. It enhances your smartphone experience by providing a distraction-free interface.

Q: How do I activate Focus Mode?
A: To activate Focus Mode, open the launcher's settings, navigate to the Focus Mode section, and customize which apps and notifications you want to block during Focus Mode.

Q: Can I change the appearance of the launcher?
A: You can personalize the launcher's appearance by selecting themes, wallpapers, and icon packs from the launcher's settings.

Q: Is the launcher easy to use for beginners?
A: It is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It's perfect for beginners and experienced users looking to declutter their smartphone experience.


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