iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner 3.7.1

Free Download iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is designed to streamline document-related tasks from your Android smartphone or tablet. Whether you need to read, convert, annotate, or sign PDFs, iLove empowers you to boost your productivity on the go. 

Overview of iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner Premium APK for Android

iLovePDF simplifies document management by offering comprehensive features within a single app. It seamlessly combines the functionality of a scanner, PDF converter, and PDF editor, making it a valuable tool for professionals, students, and anyone who deals with documents regularly.

Features of the App

  • Phone Scanner: iLovePDF transforms your Android device into a powerful scanner. Snap photos of documents, notes, or anything else, and save them as PDF files. You can even create multipage PDFs effortlessly. Moreover, the text recognition (OCR) feature ensures that scanned text and images are easily converted into PDFs.
  • PDF Converter: With iLovePDF, converting various file formats to PDF has never been easier. You can convert images (JPG) to PDF simply by photographing a document. Additionally, the app supports converting office documents into PDF files and allows you to turn your existing PDFs into editable Office formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you need to extract images from a PDF, iLovePDF offers high-quality extraction and the ability to convert your images into single or multiple PDF files.
  • PDF Editor: Annotating and editing PDFs is a breeze with iLovePDF. You can highlight text, add notes and annotations, leave comments, draw, or insert images directly into your PDF documents. The app also enables you to fill out PDF forms quickly and conveniently, allowing you to e-sign them using your finger. Additionally, iLovePDF serves as a versatile PDF reader, giving you the freedom to view, edit, and modify PDF files stored on your Android device whenever you need.
  • Optimize, Organize, and Protect Documents: iLovePDF offers a range of tools to optimize, organize, and protect your documents. You can compress PDF files to reduce their size without compromising visual quality, merge multiple documents into a single PDF file, split PDF pages, or extract them to create multiple PDF documents with exceptional quality. The app also allows you to rotate specific PDF pages and customize page numbers by choosing their position, typography, and size. For added security, you can remove or add PDF passwords and even watermark your PDF documents, selecting the image or text, along with position, transparency, and typography options.

System Requirements

  • Android 8.0+


In a world where documents play a pivotal role in our personal and professional lives, iLovePDF emerges as a reliable and versatile companion for Android users. Whether you need to scan, convert, edit, or protect your PDFs, this all-in-one app simplifies the process and enhances document management capabilities. With iLovePDF, you can embrace a paperless approach and boost your productivity while ensuring the security and integrity of your important documents. Upgrade to iLovePDF Premium to unlock many features and take your document management to the next level. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional document handling and hello to the convenience of iLovePDF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is my data safe with iLovePDF?
A1. Yes, iLovePDF takes data security seriously. Your uploaded files will be protected and removed from their servers shortly.

Q2. Can I use iLovePDF offline?
A2. Some features may require an internet connection, but many can be used offline once you've downloaded the necessary files.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:iLovePDF - PDF Editor & Scanner v3.7.0
File Name:iLovePDF: PDF Editor & Scanner v3.6.2


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