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Free download Happy Kids Timer Chores 2.12.1 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. This innovative Android app is designed with kids in mind.

Free Download Happy Kids Timer Chores Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This innovative Android app is designed with kids in mind, utilizing animated chores and a clever incentive program to turn mundane tasks into thrilling and engaging games.

Overview of Happy Kids Timer Chores Pro APK for Android

Happy Kids Timer Chores is the ultimate companion for parents aiming to streamline their children's daily routines while infusing an element of fun. Crafted to cater to various needs, whether managing time effectively, addressing ADHD or autism challenges, or simply motivating kids to complete their chores on schedule, this app is your answer. 

Features of Happy Kids Timer Chores

Revolutionizing Routines with Interactive Chores

The app's free version comes with pre-set morning and bedtime routines, incorporating eight tasks for mornings and seven for bedtime. With each accomplished chore, kids earn stars that contribute to a coveted certificate of achievement. This ingenious system encourages kids to cultivate positive habits and take ownership of their routines, setting the stage for lifelong responsibility.

Tailoring the Experience with Premium Features

The premium edition of Happy Kids Timer Chores offers advanced functionalities for parents seeking a more personalized touch. This includes adding up to four customized chores to each routine, adjusting task durations, modifying chore sequences, and even eliminating the countdown timer, reducing stress for kids with ADHD or autism. Parents can set star targets and rewards with the premium version, from naming rewards to defining the star count needed to attain them. Furthermore, printing or emailing certificates of achievement enhances kids' enthusiasm and pride in their accomplishments.

Embarking on a Journey of Simplicity and Joy

Don't wait any longer – embark on a transformational journey with Happy Kids Timer Chores today. Witness how this app effortlessly can metamorphose your children's daily routines into captivating games. Whether you aspire to foster independence, manage ADHD or autism symptoms, or uncomplicate your family's everyday activities, Happy Kids Timer Chores provides all the tools you require to initiate this positive change.


In a world where parenting sometimes feels like a juggling act, Happy Kids Timer Chores emerges as a beacon of simplicity, enjoyment, and effectiveness. This exceptional app masterfully combines the allure of games with the significance of routines, ensuring that kids not only complete their tasks but also relish the process. Bid farewell to morning and bedtime battles – with Happy Kids Timer Chores; you welcome a cheerful new approach to family routines.


Q: How does it motivate kids to complete chores?
A: It employs an incentive program where kids earn stars for each chore completed, working towards a certificate of achievement.

Q: Can I customize the app to fit my family's unique needs?
A: Absolutely! The premium version lets you add custom chores, adjust task durations, and even tailor rewards to your preferences.

Q: Is it suitable for kids with ADHD or autism?
A: The app is designed with these considerations, offering features to minimize stress and maximize engagement.

Q: How can I showcase my child's achievements?
A: You can print or email a certificate of achievement through the app, allowing your child to display their hard work proudly.

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