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Free download Guardio - Mobile Security 2024.25.1 Pro / Premium MOD Unlocked APK for Android. Protect your device against threats and malwares.


Free Download Guardio - Mobile Security APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This essential mobile security app is designed to protect your device from various threats.

Overview of Guardio - Mobile Security APK for Android

It is a comprehensive mobile security solution that provides advanced protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features offer users peace of mind. The app provides a range of features to ensure your device stays safe and secure, including real-time scanning, malware detection, and safe browsing protection.

Features of the App

  • Real-time scanning: It scans your device in real time to detect and remove any malicious software or viruses.
  • Safe browsing protection: It protects your device while browsing the internet, ensuring you don't accidentally visit harmful websites.
  • App locking: It allows you to lock specific apps on your device, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Wi-Fi security: It helps you secure your Wi-Fi connection, protecting your data from potential hackers.
  • Anti-theft features include anti-theft features that allow you to locate, lock, or wipe your device remotely in case it's lost or stolen.
  • Call blocking: You can block unwanted calls and texts from specific numbers.
  • Privacy protection helps you manage your privacy settings and permissions, ensuring your data stays safe.
  • Performance optimization: It includes features to help optimize your device's performance, ensuring it runs smoothly.

System Requirements

  • Android 10.0+


It is a must-have app for users who want to keep their devices safe and secure. Its range of features and user-friendly interface offer comprehensive protection against online threats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often should I scan my device?
A: You should scan your device regularly to protect it against threats. 

Q: Can it protect my device from phishing attacks?
A: Yes, it includes anti-phishing features to help protect you from phishing attempts while browsing the internet.

Q: How does it impact my device's battery life?
A: It is designed to have minimal impact on your device's battery life, allowing you to stay protected without draining your battery.

Q: Can I schedule scans with it?
A: It allows you to schedule scans conveniently, ensuring your device stays protected without interrupting your usage.

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File Name:Guardio - Mobile Security v2023.23.0


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