Graph Messenger T10.8.1 - P11.6.1


Free Download Graph Messenger Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It encompasses all the benefits of Telegram and enhances the user experience through its unique functionalities.

Overview of Graph Messenger Premium APK for Android

It takes the foundation of Telegram and builds upon it, offering users an enriched messaging experience. By leveraging Telegram's API, it inherits its secure and reliable communication infrastructure while introducing a variety of novel features to cater to the diverse needs of users.

Features of the App

  • Real Multi-Account System: It breaks barriers with a real multi-account system, allowing users to log in to an unlimited number of accounts concurrently. Manage up to 100 active accounts simultaneously, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • Download Manager: The app incorporates a robust Download Manager, efficiently empowering users to manage and schedule downloads through a multi-queue download manager. This feature enhances the control users have over their media and data.
  • Theme Customization: Enjoy a personalized messaging experience with support for various themes, including Telegram themes, Plus themes, or Mobo themes. Tailor the app's appearance to suit your preferences.
  • Voice Changer: Have fun with voice messages using the Voice Changer feature, allowing you to modify your voice before sending messages. Add a playful touch to your conversations.
  • Hidden Section and Lock Chats: Enhance privacy with a Hidden Section that enables you to conceal specific chats and contacts. Apply an additional layer of security with password or pattern locks for hidden chats.
  • Drawing Messages: Express yourself creatively by sending hand-drawn messages. It lets you draw anything you like and share it as a message with your contacts.
  • Time Line and Favorite Messages: Stay organized with the Time Line, which consolidates messages from all channels into one page. Additionally, mark messages as favorites and access them conveniently on a separate page.
  • Auto Answer Machine: Never miss a message with the Auto Answer Machine, which sends automated responses to contacts when you cannot answer. This feature ensures that communication remains seamless.
  • Smart Message Handling: It introduces Smart Message features such as Short Messages and displaying long messages in a condensed format for easier readability.
  • Customization and File Management: Customize the app's main menu, adjust screen light and color filters, and benefit from a file manager that consolidates all media from chats in one convenient page.
  • Special Contacts and Notifications: Receive notifications when your special contacts come online, ensuring you stay connected with those who matter most.
  • Proxy Settings: Benefit from professional proxy settings and multi-delete, share, and copy functionalities. Sort messages by ping time, connect to proxies intelligently, and import/export proxies effortlessly.

System Requirements

  • Android 4.4+


It seamlessly combines the security and reliability of Telegram with an array of innovative features. From advanced customization options to enhanced privacy settings, the app caters to diverse user preferences. Its real multi-account system and efficient download management offer a compelling alternative for those seeking a feature-rich messaging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many accounts can I log in to simultaneously?
A: It supports a real multi-account system, allowing users to log in to an unlimited number of accounts with up to 100 active accounts simultaneously.

Q: Can I customize the app's appearance and settings?
A: Yes, it offers extensive customization options, including theme support, main menu customization, and screen light/color filter adjustments.

Q: How does the Download Manager work?
A: The Download Manager allows users to efficiently manage and schedule downloads through a multi-queue download manager, providing greater control over media downloads.

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File Name:Graph Messenger vT10.2.9 - P11.3.1
Version:T10.2.9 - P11.3.1


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