Edge Lighting Pro Border Light 1.0

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Free download Edge Lighting Pro Border Light 1.0 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free Paid APK for Android. Experience Stunning Border Light Effects on Android.


Free Download Edge Lighting Pro Border Light MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an Android app that brings enchanting curved edge lighting borders to your device's screen and lock screen. With an impressive array of over 100 pattern styles and effects, this app allows you to tailor the lighting to your preferences. You can adjust the width, speed, and RGB colors of the border light live wallpaper, providing a visual treat every time you unlock your phone.

Overview of Edge Lighting Pro Border Light APK for Android

This app offers an immersive lighting display that complements various screen types, including notch, infinity O, U, and V, on various mobile phones. It's engineered to be as energy-efficient as popular edge screen launchers, ensuring your battery remains optimally utilized.

Features of the App

  • Set LED Lighting Colors as Wallpaper Live & Notification Screen Light: Enjoy the vibrant play of colors as you easily customize your wallpaper and notification screen lighting.
  • Compatibility with Any Android Device: Whether using a flagship device or an older model, this app works seamlessly across the spectrum.
  • Diverse Edge Screen Lighting Patterns: Explore a vast library of over 100 edge screen lighting patterns, including Hearts, Moons, Clouds, Stars, Animals, Emojis, and more.
  • Customization Galore: Personalize your experience by adjusting the notch width, speed, and curved radius for both top and bottom screens.
  • Always on Display AOE: Elevate your visual journey by enabling the "Always on display AOE," which showcases stunning lighting effects even over other applications.
  • Your Photo in the Border Light: Infuse a touch of individuality by adding your photo next to the border light, complete with opacity adjustments.
  • Edge Lighting Notifications: Never miss crucial calls with edge lighting notifications that draw your attention effectively.
  • Access to 3D Wallpapers: Embellish your device with various themes and 3D wallpapers, making your phone stand out.
  • Battery-Friendly Design: Rest easy knowing that this app is designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring minimal battery drain.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


Edge Lighting Pro Border Light seamlessly integrates with your Android device, adding an enchanting light spectacle to your screen and lock screen. Its extensive customization options and battery-friendly design make it a must-have app for those seeking style and substance.


Q: Is the app compatible with all Android devices?
A: Yes, this app is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of Android devices.

Q: Does the app drain a lot of battery?
A: The app is energy-efficient and won't cause significant battery drain.

Q: Can I customize the lighting patterns?
A: You can choose from diverse lighting patterns and even set your image as a background.

Q: How do edge lighting notifications work?
A: The app provides edge lighting notifications to ensure that important calls are not overlooked.

Q: Can I adjust the speed of the lighting effects?
A: Yes, you can customize various parameters, including speed, notch width, and curved radius.

Q: Are there additional themes available for customization?
A: The app offers various 3D wallpapers with different themes to enhance your phone's appearance.


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