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Free download Dumbbell Workout at Home 1.2.8 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Achieve your fitness goals effectively.


Free Download Dumbbell Workout at Home Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It offers personalized workout plans, diverse exercises, and real-time guidance to help users efficiently build muscle, gain strength, and achieve their fitness goals with just a pair of dumbbells.

Overview of Dumbbell Workout at Home Pro APK for Android

This app revolutionizes fitness by providing a comprehensive solution for users seeking effective home workouts. With tailored 30-day plans for men and women at varying difficulty levels, this app caters to individuals of all fitness backgrounds. Boasting extensive exercise databases covering Dumbbell and Bodyweight workouts, users can customize their training based on personal goals. 

The app's focus on real-time guidance through 3D animations ensures proper form, while features such as progress tracking, weight loss monitoring, and synchronization with Google Fit enhance the overall fitness experience. Whether aiming to build muscle, gain strength, or stay fit, this app transforms home workouts using a pair of dumbbells into a rewarding and personalized journey.

Features of the App

  • Customizable Plans: Tailor your workout plans based on your needs, goals, and fitness levels.
  • Gender-Specific Workouts: Separate workout plans for men and women, focusing on specific muscle groups and body goals.
  • Comprehensive Exercise Databases: Access Dumbbell and Bodyweight exercises to diversify your training routine.
  • Muscle-Building for Men: Develop solid muscles, sculpted arms, a chiseled chest, and strong legs.
  • Strength Training for Women: Build muscle and strength while achieving a lean physique with defined arms and legs.
  • Anabolic Hormone Stimulation: Benefit from weight training, stimulating the production of muscle-building hormones for effective results.
  • Real-time Guidance: 3D animations and videos with tips in real-time ensure proper form and maximize your workout gains.
  • Progress Tracking: Use the workout tracker to monitor daily progress, burned calories, and weight loss. Sync data with Google Fit for seamless integration.
  • Personal Fitness Coach: Enjoy personalized workout plans designed based on your goals, gender, fitness level, and focus area.
  • Effective Dumbbell Workouts: Target specific areas like arms, chest, back, legs, and shoulders to achieve your fitness goals efficiently.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


Transforming your body and achieving your fitness goals is now at your fingertips with this app. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this app caters to all fitness levels and provides a holistic approach to strength training. Embrace the convenience of home workouts and witness the positive changes in your physique.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the app suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, the app offers workout plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Q: Can I use the app without weights?
A: Absolutely! The app provides databases for Dumbbell and Bodyweight exercises.

Q: How often should I take a break?
A: Taking a break every three days is recommended to allow your body to adapt to the increasing exercise intensity.

Q: Can I track my progress?
A: Yes, the app includes a workout tracker, syncing data with Google Fit, and recording your progress, duration, and burned calories.

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