Drivvo – car management v8.2.2

Free Download Drivvo - Car management Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is the best application for your vehicle’s management expenses.

Overview of Drivvo Pro APK for Android

This is the best application for your vehicle’s management expenses. Manage the fuel consumption and economy, car maintenance expenses, and service costs of your car, motorcycle, bus, or truck.

Track average Km/liter, monthly expenses, averages per day, fuels, etc. Using this application, you’ll have hands-on financial control of your vehicle.

Features of the App

  • Data import from several mobile app cars: aCar, CTN Car, Fuelio
  • Many statistics/charts/reports for your financial control
  • Gas consumption charts per gas/fuel stations
  • Advanced reminders (like reminders on next car maintenance)
  • Charts with filter by car and date range. Easy editing of data in the charts
  • Vehicle Maintenance records management with reminders
  • Distance statistics: total distance, distance/year, distance/month, distance/day
  • Cost statistics: cost per category (refuel, bill, services). Cost/distance, cost/year, cost/month, cost/day, consumption, etc
  • Fuel efficiency statistics and management
  • Gas efficiency statistics per gas/fuel stations
  • Report with best/worst fuel efficiency. Easy to track conditions you were under were good or bad
  • Tracking maintenance, services, costs, and expenses of your vehicle
  • Fuel units: US Gallons, Imperial gallons, and liters
  • Many fuel efficiency units such as MPG and Km/L
  • Track your fill-ups and save cash

previous version

Additional info
Nov 18th 2022
File Name: Drivvo - drivers finances v8.2.1
Version: 8.2.1
License: Full_version
Nov 8th 2022
File Name: Drivvo - Car management v8.2.0
Version: 8.2.0
License: Full_version


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