DoH Guard (Force DoH/DNSCrypt) 1.3.3

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Free download DoH Guard (Force DoH/DNSCrypt) 1.3.3 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Powerful tool for safeguarding your internet connection.

Free Download DoH Guard Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Monitoring all/selected apps' DNS queries with detailed information.

Overview of DoH Guard (Force DoH/DNSCrypt)

DoH Guard, short for DNS over HTTPS Guard, is a powerful Android app designed to enhance browsing privacy and security. It encrypts your DNS (Domain Name System) queries, making it harder for anyone to intercept or track your online activities.

Features of DoH Guard (Force DoH/DNSCrypt)

DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) Encryption

It encrypts your DNS queries using the HTTPS protocol, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring your browsing history remains confidential. This added layer of security helps protect you from various online threats.

Multiple DNS Providers

The app offers many DNS providers, including popular options like Cloudflare, Google, and Quad9. You can select your preferred DNS provider based on your speed, privacy, and reliability needs.

No Root Access Required

Unlike similar apps, The app does not require root access to function. This makes it more accessible to a broader user base, ensuring that anyone can enjoy secure browsing without needing advanced technical knowledge.

Seamless Integration

It integrates seamlessly with your Android device's network settings, allowing you to activate and configure the app effortlessly. Once enabled, it runs silently in the background, providing continuous protection without interfering with your browsing experience.


Q: How does it improve my online security?
A: It encrypts your DNS queries, preventing malicious actors from eavesdropping or tampering with browsing data. It ensures your online activities remain private and protects you from cyber threats like DNS hijacking and monitoring.

Q: Does it slow down my internet speed?
A: It is designed to have minimal impact on your internet speed. Encrypted DNS queries can sometimes improve browsing speed, bypassing certain limitations imposed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or network restrictions.

Q: Can I choose my preferred DNS provider?
A: It allows you to select from a range of DNS providers. You can choose the one that aligns with your privacy, speed, and reliability requirements. The app provides detailed information about each provider to help you make an informed decision.


It is an essential Android app for anyone concerned about online privacy and security. Encrypting your DNS queries and offering a variety of trusted DNS providers ensures that your browsing remains private and protected.

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