Device Info HW+ 5.15.0 build 212


Free Download Device Info HW+ Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It can detect displays, touchscreens, camera models, etc.

Overview of Device Info HW+ Pro APK for Android

This app can detect displays, touchscreens, camera models, and sensors. Show CPU GPU information.

Features of the App

  • Navigation panel
  • You can go to another tab or menu by menu item.
  • mtk: button for entering to engineer menu.
  • Show i2c address
  • Use root access
  • For 5.0+ via Android API, for mtk particular variant.
  • Discharging speed is current consumption. Ids = Ic
  • Charging speed is charge current - current consumption. Ics = Icc - Ic

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.14.0 build 209
Version:5.14.0 build 209
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.13.2 build 208
Version:5.13.2 build 208
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.13.1 build 207
Version:5.13.1 build 207
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.10.0 build 197
Version:5.10.0 build 197
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.9.2 build 196
Version:5.9.2 build 196
File Name:Device Info HW+ v5.8.3 build 193
Version:5.8.3 build 193


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