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Free download Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera 5.3 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Capture, edit, and share stunning visuals effortlessly.


Free Download Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It offers an elevated photography experience beyond the stock camera applications.

Overview of Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera Pro APK for Android

It is tailored to empower users with enhanced functionalities like those found in MIUI 12 Camera while introducing additional innovative features. The app is designed to bring dynamic and creative options for capturing photos and videos, transforming regular moments into visually appealing memories.

Features of the App

  • Real-time AR Stickers and Emoji Stickers: Embrace creative expression with real-time AR and emoji stickers that add fun and personality to your photos and videos.
  • Facial Enhancement Tools: Transform portraits with tools to adjust skin tone, enlarge eyes, or even apply face-lifting effects, providing a polished and refined look to your selfies.
  • Extensive Filter Collection: Access a library of over 100 filters that cater to a wide range of visual styles, allowing users to apply various artistic effects to their images.
  • Mask and Seal Stickers: Play around with an assortment of entertaining mask and seal stickers, offering a playful touch to your photography.
  • 4K and Ultra HD Support: Capture high-resolution moments with the support for 4K and Ultra HD camera capabilities, ensuring crystal-clear and detailed imagery.
  • HDR Mode: Enhance the quality of your photos by using High Dynamic Range mode, balancing the exposure in different areas of an image for vivid and well-lit results.
  • Intuitive Zoom Functionality: Enable more convenient zooming by moving the shutter button left and right, providing an alternative to traditional pinch-to-zoom gestures.
  • Front Camera White Screen Flash: Utilize a white screen flash for the front camera to illuminate selfies, ensuring well-lit and clear self-portraits in low-light conditions.
  • Burst Shooting and Professional Mode: Benefit from burst shooting capabilities and access professional mode settings like ISO, white balance, scene modes, and exposure compensation adjustments for advanced photography control.
  • User-Friendly Album Management: Easily organize and manage your photos within the app's album manager, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for accessing and sharing your images.
  • Touch-to-Focus and Silent Capture Mode: Enjoy the convenience of touch-to-focus functionality and the discretion of silent capture mode for noise-free photo-taking.
  • Handy Controls and Timer Features: Use volume keys to capture selfies easily and leverage timer and burst shot options for versatile shooting capabilities.
  • Resolution Adjustment for Photos and Videos: Adjust and customize the resolution for both photos and videos, offering flexibility for different storage and quality preferences.
  • Tilt-Shift Photography and Grid Lines: Experiment with tilt-shift photography to create images with blurred backgrounds and use grid lines for better composition and alignment.
  • Vignette Function and Date Tag Stamping: Apply vignette effects for added depth and focus, and stamp photos with date tags for easy organization and reference.
  • Mirror Camera and Powerful Photo Editor: Utilize a mirror camera for varied visual perspectives and leverage the powerful photo editor that includes filters, crop and rotate functions, contrast and saturation adjustments, text and doodle additions, size adjustments, tilt-shift, and vignette tools.

System Requirements

  • Android 4.4+


It is a commendable alternative for Android users seeking an advanced and feature-rich camera application. With its array of diverse features, editing tools, and support for a wide range of devices, it allows users to delve into a more immersive and creatively enhanced photography experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it an official Xiaomi product?
A: No, it is not an official Xiaomi product. The MIUI 12 Camera inspires it but operates as a third-party application.

Q: What permissions does it require?
A: The main permissions required include camera permission for capturing photos and recording videos, as well as access to the SD card to manage photos.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera v5.1
File Name:Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera v5.0
File Name:Cool Mi Camera - MIUI 12 Camera v4.9


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