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Free download Cinema FV-5 2.1.8 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Professional video camera application.

Free Download Cinema FV-5 PRO MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It puts professional manual controls at your fingertips.

Overview of Cinema FV-5

Capturing high-quality videos with your Android device has never been easier. With these Apps, you can transform your smartphone into a powerful video recording tool.

Feature Cinema FV-5

Manual Controls and Settings

One of the standout features is its comprehensive manual controls and settings. You have complete control over various aspects of your video, including exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. This level of control allows you to capture videos with precise settings, resulting in stunning visuals.

Real-time Histogram and Zebra Pattern

It provides a real-time histogram and zebra pattern to ensure optimal exposure and accurate image representation. These tools help you monitor the exposure levels in your videos and identify overexposed or underexposed areas, allowing you to make instant adjustments for the perfect shot.

Professional-Grade Focus Assist

Achieving sharp focus is crucial in videography, and this app offers advanced focus assist tools. The app includes features like focus peaking and focus tracking, which make it easier to attain precise focus in your videos, even in challenging shooting scenarios.

Customizable Frame Rates and Bitrates

It enables you to customize your video's frame rates and bitrates. This flexibility allows you to match the frame rate to your specific requirements, be it capturing slow-motion footage or achieving a film-like aesthetic. Adjusting the bitrate ensures that your videos maintain optimal quality while managing file size.


It is a powerful Android app that revolutionizes video recording on smartphones. With its extensive manual controls, professional-grade focus assist tools, customizable frame rates, and bitrates, this app empowers videographers to capture stunning cinematic footage easily. Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned professional, it is a must-have tool in your video recording arsenal.


Q: Can I shoot videos in different aspect ratios?
A: It supports multiple aspect ratios, including the standard 16:9, cinematic 2.39:1, and square 1:1 ratios. This allows you to shoot videos in various formats, catering to different platforms and artistic preferences.

Q: Does it support external microphones?
A: This supports external microphones connected via the audio jack or USB-C adapter. This feature ensures high-quality audio capture for your videos.

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File Name:Cinema FV-5 v2.1.7


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