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Free download Call Blocker 4.13 Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android.


Free Download Call Blocker Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. The program is designed to block incoming and outgoing calls. It has the fastest algorithm for blocking calls.

Overview of Call Blocker Premium APK for Android

Unwanted calls have become a common nuisance for Android users worldwide. Whether it's telemarketers, spam calls, or robocalls, these interruptions can be frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, lithiumS has developed a powerful Call Blocker app for Android that effectively solves this problem. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the lithiumS Call Blocker is a must-have application for anyone seeking to regain control over their incoming calls.

Features of the App

  • Call Blocking: The lithiumS Call Blocker offers comprehensive call blocking capabilities. You can create custom blocklists by adding specific numbers, area codes, or entire countries. With this feature, you can effortlessly prevent unwanted calls from reaching your phone.
  • Allowlist: The app allows you to create an allowlist of trusted contacts. Adding virtual numbers to the allowlist ensures that calls from those contacts are never blocked, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted communication.
  • Caller ID and Reverse Lookup: The Caller ID feature helps you identify unknown numbers by displaying the caller's information, such as their name and location. Additionally, the app offers a reverse lookup functionality, allowing you to obtain detailed information about the caller by searching for their phone number.
  • Smart Blocking Algorithms: lithiumS Call Blocker utilizes intelligent algorithms to automatically identify and block spam, scam, and fraudulent calls. These algorithms are regularly updated to keep up with emerging call patterns and new threats, ensuring maximum protection against unwanted calls.
  • Call Log: The app maintains a comprehensive call log, providing detailed information about blocked calls, including the number, date, and time. You can quickly review the log to stay informed about blocked calls and take appropriate action if necessary.

System Requirements

  • Android 4.4+


Q: Can I block calls from specific area codes or countries?
A: The lithiumS Call Blocker allows you to block calls from specific area codes or entire countries. You have complete control over which calls you want to block.

Q: Will the Caller ID feature work offline?
A: The Caller ID feature requires an internet connection to fetch caller information. However, you can still block unwanted calls without an active internet connection.

Q: How often are the blocking algorithms updated?
A: LithiumS regularly updates the blocking algorithms to adapt to new call patterns and emerging threats. These updates ensure you stay protected against the latest unwanted calls.

Q: Can I retrieve blocked calls or messages?
A: The lithiumS Call Blocker does not store or retrieve blocked calls or messages. However, you can refer to the call log to review information about blocked calls.


The lithiumS Call Blocker for Android is a reliable and user-friendly solution for effectively dealing with unwanted calls. With its powerful call blocking features, comprehensive call log, and intelligent algorithms, you can regain control over incoming calls and enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted communication experience. Say goodbye to annoying telemarketers, spam calls, and robocalls with the lithiumS Call Blocker.


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