Bugjaeger Premium 6.0


Free Download Bugjaeger Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. You can view your provider's IPTV on any device (phone, tablet, TV, TV box).

Overview of Bugjaeger Premium APK for Android

View your provider IPTV on any device (phone, tablet, TV, TV box). It tries to give you the expert tools Android developers use for better control and a deep understanding of your Android device's internals. This app is for you if you're an Android power user, developer, geek, or hacker.

Developers can use it to debug Android apps or Android enthusiasts to learn more about the internals of their devices. Connect your target device through a USB OTG cable or wifi, and you can play around with the device.

Features of the App

  • No ads
  • Executing custom shell scripts
  • Remote interactive shell
  • Creating and restoring backups, inspecting and extracting the content of backup files.
  • Reading, filtering, and exporting device logs
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Performing various commands for controlling your device (rebooting, going to bootloader, rotating screen, killing running apps)
  • Uninstalling and installing packages, checking various details about installed apps
  • Monitoring the processes, showing additional information related to processes, killing processes
  • Connecting through wifi with the specified port number
  • Showing various details about the device's Android version, CPU, abi, display
  • Showing battery details (e.g., temperature, health, technology, voltage,..)
  • File management - pushing and pulling files from the device and browsing the file system.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v5.0-full Build 253
Version:5.0-full Build 253
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v5.0-full build 252
Version:5.0-full build 252
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v6.0-full build 251
Version:6.0-full build 251
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v5.0-full Build 250
Version:5.0-full Build 250
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v5.0-full build 248
Version:5.0-full build 248
File Name:Bugjaeger Premium v5.0-full build 247
Version:5.0-full build 247


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