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Free download Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Transforms your photos into stunning cartoons.


Free Download Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It allows you to unleash your creativity and transform your photos into stunning works of art.

Overview of Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor Premium APK for Android

It is a comprehensive photo editing app designed to cater to various creative needs. It offers a variety of filters and effects that can turn your ordinary photos into captivating pieces of digital art. Whether you're looking to create personalized avatars, artistic portraits, or stunning comic book-style images, this app has the tools to help you achieve your creative vision.

Features of the App

  • AI Cartoon Photo Editor: It provides a one-tap solution for transforming your photos into captivating cartoons and caricatures. You can easily give your images a unique and eye-catching look with a wide selection of artistic filters, including glitch effects, sketch effects, and oil painting filters.
  • Artistic Oil Painting Filters and Pop Art Effects: Unleash your inner artist with its oil painting filters and pop art effects. You can create stunning artistic paintings from your photos, experiment with pencil sketch filters, and apply cool retro and glitch effects to achieve a pop art aesthetic.
  • Selfie Camera Effects: Its selfie camera filters and effects are perfect for creating memorable and captivating self-portraits. You can use the anime filter to give yourself an animated look and add a touch of creativity to your selfies.
  • Cartoon Backgrounds and Layouts: It allows you to remove backgrounds from your photos effortlessly. This feature lets you choose a background and apply creative effects, such as the drip effect. Explore colorful patterns and splashes to enhance your manga art and profile pictures.
  • Excellent Drip Effect: The app offers a variety of dripping effects that can be combined with your cartoon pictures. You can easily add a Photoshop-like touch to your images by blurring the background or replacing it with a fantastic anime background image.
  • Profile Picture Maker: With its profile picture maker, you can create captivating avatar profile pictures that stand out. Add pencil sketch effects and stunning backgrounds to make your caricatures more engaging. Whether editing portraits or having fun with cartoons, it is a game-changer.

System Requirements

  • Android 6.0+


It is a versatile and creative tool for Android users who want to turn their photos into captivating works of art. Whether you're a casual smartphone photographer or a social media enthusiast looking to stand out with unique and eye-catching images, it has something for everyone. With its AI cartoon filter, artistic effects, and selfie camera enhancements, this app brings a world of creativity to your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I use it for professional photo editing?
A. While it offers a wide range of creative tools, it's primarily designed for fun and artistic photo editing. It may not replace professional-grade photo editing software for advanced image editing needs.

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File Name:Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor v1.1.1.0
File Name:Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor v1.1.0.8
File Name:Artisan - Cartoon Photo Editor v1.1.0.7


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