Always On Edge – LED light & AOD & Wallpapers v6.4.3

Free Download Always On Edge 6 Pro version APK for Android, it will keep the Edges lighting always with 0% CPU usage.

Overview of Always On Edge 6 Pro APK for Android

Keep the Edges lighting always with down to 0% CPU usage, this is an accessory not just an app it is an app you made. Border light works without receiving a notification.

In addition to lighting when a notification comes. THIS IS A REMIX between Edge Lighting & Notifications & AOD & Live Wallpaper & Screen Corners Mask but with a lot more options to control.

Features of the app

  • Independent (Default)
  • Ambient: If system AOD was on then AOE will light in it, instead of a custom screen (lights only without widgets). but if AOD was off the default method will be used.
  • This requires the permission to enable AOE as an accessibility service.
  • AOE is indeed helpful especially for deaf people to know what notifications they got.
  • This also uses less battery.

previous version

Additional info
Sep 25th 2021
File Name: Always On Edge Pro v6.4.1
Version: 6.4.1
License: Full_version
Sep 23rd 2021
File Name: Always On Edge Pro v6.3.9
Version: 6.3.9
License: Full_version


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