AIO Launcher Premium v3.0.9

Free Download AIO Launcher Pro version APK for Android, it uses a screen space to show you the important information.

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Overview of AIO Launcher

This app is not ordinary home screen. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information.

Features of the app

  • Weather - current weather and forecast for 10 days;
  • Notifications - standard android notifications;
  • Player - when you turn on the music, playback control buttons appear;
  • Frequent apps - frequently used applications buttons;
  • Your apps - the icons of the selected applications;
  • Contacts - quick contacts;
  • Dialer - numpad for quick calls;
  • Timer - timer start buttons;
  • Mail - list of received emails;
  • Notes - list of your notes;
  • Telegram - last messages;
  • RSS - latest news;
  • Twitter - all tweets or a single user tweets;
  • Calendar - upcoming events in the calendar;
  • Exchange rates - currency exchange rates;
  • Bitcoin - the bitcoin price;
  • Finance - stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies etc;
  • Calculator - simple calculator;
  • Audio Recorder - record, play and share audio;
  • System monitor - RAM and NAND usage, percentage of battery power;
  • Control panel - toggles for WiFi/BT/GPS etc;
  • Traffic - shows current download/upload rates and connection type;
  • Android widget - standard app widgets.

previous version

Additional info
Feb 1st 2021
File Name: AIO Launcher Premium v3.0.5
Version: 3.0.5 build 810017
License: Full_version
Dec 19th 2020
File Name: AIO Launcher Premium v3.0.1
Version: 3.0.1 build 810010
License: Full_version
Dec 14th 2020
File Name: AIO Launcher Premium v3.0.0
Version: 3.0.0
License: Full_version
Oct 28th 2020
File Name: AIO Launcher Premium v2.8.38
Version: 2.8.38
License: Full_version
Oct 18th 2020
File Name: AIO Launcher Premium v2.8.36
Version: 2.8.36
License: Full_version


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