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Free download ADV Player-Multi format player Ad-Free App for Android. APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked).


Free Download ADV Player Multi-format player MOD Version VIP Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a remarkable free video player designed to revolutionize your video-watching experience. This incredible app not only supports many video formats, including mp4, mpk, and 3gp, but it also offers the convenience of video link downloading, all while being completely free.

Overview of ADV Player VIP Unlocked APK for Android

It is your one-stop solution for seamless video playback on your Android device. Whether you're watching your favorite movies, TV shows, or videos, this app guarantees an uninterrupted viewing experience. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it aims to cater to the diverse needs of modern video enthusiasts.

Features of the App

Multiple Video Format Support

It boasts compatibility with various video formats, from standard mp4 to high-definition mkv, mpk, 2k, and 4k formats. No more struggling to find the right player for each video type!

Online Video Play

With the app, you can enjoy smooth playback of online videos. Paste the video link, and let the app handle the rest.
Subtitle Support: Load and sync srt subtitle files effortlessly, ensuring you never miss a word of dialogue, no matter the language.

Speed Control

Customize your playback speed to match your preferences. Whether you want to savor every moment or breeze through content, it gives you the power to choose.

Gesture Control

The app's intuitive gesture control lets you adjust brightness and volume with simple swipes and taps.

Offline Watching

Save data and watch your downloaded videos offline. It lets you create a collection of your favorite videos on your device.

High-Speed Video Link Downloading

Multitask efficiently by downloading the videos you wish to watch. It ensures high-speed downloads, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0 and up


ADV Player-Multi format player stands out as a true game-changer. Its versatility, ease of use, and robust features make it a must-have app for any Android user who loves consuming video content. With the app, you can finally bid farewell to compatibility issues, buffering woes, and the hassle of switching between different players for different formats.


Q: Can the app handle high-definition video formats?
A: The app is equipped to handle a variety of video formats, including high-definition ones like mkv, 2k, and 4k.

Q: Can I watch videos offline with the app?
A: The app lets you watch videos offline. You can create your offline video library and enjoy your favorite content without an internet connection.

Q: How do I adjust playback speed?
A: You can easily customize playback speed in the app's settings. Choose a speed that suits your preference, and enjoy your videos at your own pace.

Q: Is it free to use?
A: The app is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges or in-app purchases.

Q: Can I download videos from online sources?
A: The app allows you to download videos from online sources. Paste the video link, and the app will handle the download process.

Q: Does it support subtitles?
A: The app supports subtitles. You can load srt subtitle files to enhance your viewing experience.


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