3D Earth & Real Moon v1.1.11

Free Download 3D Earth & Real Moon Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. The powerful 3D engine created that amazing 3D Earth model and visual effects never seen on Android.

Overview of 3D Earth & Real Moon Premium APK for Android

Are you ready to embark on a virtual journey that takes you from the comfort of your own device to the vast expanse of outer space? If so, it is the perfect app for you.

With stunning 3D graphics and a realistic depiction of our planet and its natural satellite, this app allows you to explore and learn about Earth and the Moon like never before. Whether you're a curious learner or an astronomy enthusiast, you'll find plenty to discover and enjoy.

Features of 3D Earth & Real Moon

  • Interactive 3D models of Earth and the Moon
  • Detailed information about various locations and landmarks on Earth
  • Fun facts about the Moon and its phases
  • Augmented reality (AR) mode for an immersive experience


Q: Does the app require an internet connection?
A: No, the app can be used offline once it has been downloaded.

Q: Can I use the AR mode on any device?
A: AR mode is only available on devices supporting ARCore, a software development kit (SDK) for building AR experiences. You can check if your device is compatible with ARCore by visiting the official website or by checking the list of supported devices in the app's store listing.


We hope you enjoy exploring the wonders of our world and beyond with 3D Earth & Real Moon for Android. Happy travels!


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